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Quick Facts

Pennsylvania Coal Facts:

  • The Coal Industry results in employment of about 36,200 individuals in full and part-time jobs in Pennsylvania.
  1. About 13,900 of these jobs are directly in the Coal Industry, and
  2. About 22,300 of these jobs are in industries that support coal
  • The Coal Industry adds about $4.1 billion in total value to the Pennsylvania GDP annually.
  1. About $2.1 billion resulting from the direct output of the coal industry.
  2. About $2 billion from the indirect impacts of the supply chain.
  3. 53 percent of the value added from the Coal Industry comes from labor income.
  4. 35 percent of the value added comes from investor and property owner income.
  5. Indirect business taxes paid by the Coal Industry make up 11 percent of total value added to the Pennsylvania economy.
  • Coal mine employees work in 30 of 67 counties across the state.
  • Coal mining average wages are about $30,000 higher than the average of Pennsylvania private sector jobs.
  • Almost 68 million tons of coal were mined in Pennsylvania – the fourth largest producer in the nation.
  • Over $1.4 billion worth of coal and mining products produced in Pennsylvania were shipped abroad in 2012.
  • Pennsylvania has the largest mining machinery and equipment manufacturing industry in the country, accounting for 24 percent of that sector’s U.S. employment.
  • Coal generates more electricity in Pennsylvania than any other resource, providing 40 percent.
  • Pennsylvania generates 227 million megawatts of energy, second most in the country.
  • Pennsylvania is the largest net exporter of electricity among the states.


Source: The Economic Impact of the Coal Industry in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Economy League, April 2014.